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    Meet a Synteractivist

    Shirin Rahimi

    Shirin joined Synteractive in 2007 and is a Senior Business Solutions Engineer leveraging her experience in systems analysis, design, synchronization, and development. Since joining Synteractive, she has taken the lead role for engagement management in multiple engagements across a wide array of communities of practice in a large civil engineering firm.​
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 Diane Johnson

 Director of Technical Delivery

Diane Johnson
A fun fact: Diane once hiked the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  She was also voted Class Clown in High School.

Diane joined Synteractive in 2007 as a proven Engagement Manager and Business Solution Developer in both Commercial and Public Sector environments. In her role at Synteractive, she leads the Technology team and is responsible for overall technical leadership on complex engagements leveraging orchestrated solutions for clients. Over the past 23 years, Diane has developed an iterative approach when developing, implementing, and evaluating unique, requirement-driven business solutions. Most recently, Diane is the Technical Lead for the public website implementation, and prior to that she was the technical lead on the public website implementation, both sites were built with Microsoft SharePoint technologies. 

As the Director of  Technology, Diane fosters a collaborative environment for training and mentoring, as well as building Synteractive using the expertise and talent from within.

Prior to Synteractive, Diane was lead developer at Smartronix providing systems, software, and program management support for software solutions including communications systems, aircraft electronics, and other electronic systems in use by the U.S. Navy. Prior to Smartronix, Diane worked for netDecide and was the technical lead for the middle tier of an n-tier enterprise application, developing out business logic components for financial planning software.

Diane holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from The Pennsylvania State University. She is certified as an MCPD:EAD in 2009 and is SharePoint Admin certified. ​