Our Core Values

Synteractive believes that what makes an organization great is a strong and healthy culture. We have a clear idea of what we believe creates success for our clients, and delivering this success provides a deep sense of reward for our team members. We have codified this idea in our core values, which are the basis for our recruitment, training, assessment, and the way we approach clients and partners. We have the deepest commitment to ensuring that you see these values manifested every time you interact with a Synteractivist.

Get Things Done
Getting things done is the single most critical value to us. At the end of the day, we have either solved your problem or we haven’t. You are either satisfied, or we have more work to do. Simply put, we are fanatical about solving problems.

We believe that we are most effective when we talk less and listen more. You know what problems you face; it is our job to clarify, challenge and solve these problems.

Be Critical
The herd mentality is one of the most powerful social forces around. The ultimate manifestation of this in business and technology is ‘consultant speaks', or the use of jargon, methodologies, catch phrases, and meaningless rhetoric in the face of problems. Synteractive speak is simple: we define the problem, solve the problem, measure success, and refine our solution. We are sticklers for clarity, consistency, and rigor.

Know your Spikes
Our approach to solving problems demands small teams with robust sets of skills—whether working with a client or development a new product or venture. We are strategists, economists, business analysts, financial analysts, mathematicians, researchers, business process engineers, enterprise architects, software developers, Cloud engineers, marketers, and—at critical times—political consultants. Often, we need to be all of these things at once. Everyone you interact with at Synteractive should have the ability to understand the breadth of these domains. But we also need to understand where our spikes lie—in other words where do we genuinely have deep knowledge in a particular domain—and more importantly where don’t we?

Be a Sponge
We are obsessive about learning. We ask questions of our peers, our partners, and you. We are committed to seeking out better ways to solve problems and transform organizations—and sharing those insights with our peers, our clients, our partners, and broader communities.

Communicate with Impact
We pride ourselves on clear communication. Whether spoken, presented or written, we convey the necessary information, in a direct and compact way, to a well understood target audience.

Walk the High Road
In any particular situation, we always first make sure we are walking the high road. Are we genuinely solving the problem at hand? Are we building trust with you? Are we acting in an ethical and trustworthy manner? Are we treating everyone we work with as respected partners and teammates? Would we be proud to tell our spouse, parent, or mentor what we did that day and how we did it? Walking the high road is a bedrock value for Synteractive. It’s just the right thing to do.

  • Meet a Synteractivist

    Heather Waterman

    Heather joined Synteractive in 2009. She is responsible for leading the designers and developers with an emphasis on web design for SharePoint. Heather was a contributing technical editor for the SharePoint 2103 Branding and User Interface Design book and the SharePoint 2010 Branding and User Interface Design, as well as a contributor to the SharePoint Designer 2010 Step by Step. In 2012 and 2013 Heather was a speaker at SharePoint Evolutions Conference in London.
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