About Synteractive

Synteractive was founded in 2003 and is committed to solving the really big problems in the world through social and technological innovation. We radically improve agility, effectiveness, and efficiency for businesses, the public sector, and non-profits. Our products simplify cloud computing, enhance data collaboration, increase transparency and accountability. Our consulting services assist with strategy, business transformation, and business solution engineering to help your organization move to the next level.

Synteractive's range of expertise includes web and enterprise 2.0, data visualization, risk analytics, business intelligence, enterprise collaboration, business process reengineering, and cloud computing. We craft solutions using a rigorous Agile approach, delivered by our diverse team of Business Solution Engineers. Our enterprise products leverage industry-leading platforms such as SharePoint, Azure, and Amazon Web Services to address orchestration problems such as social media management, data collaboration, risk management, data quality, and simplifying cloud computing.

However, the foundation that underlies all that we do at Synteractive is our culture of shared values, our history of innovation and excellence, and smart people including management and advisors who drive the vision. Our success is a direct result of our client’s success. In 2010, we were proud to be named Microsoft’s Federal Partner of the Year, ranked #86 on Lead 411’s Technology 500, and #64 on the INC 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies.

  • Meet a Synteractivist

    Heather Waterman

    Heather joined Synteractive in 2009. She is responsible for leading the designers and developers with an emphasis on web design for SharePoint. Heather was a contributing technical editor for the SharePoint 2103 Branding and User Interface Design book and the SharePoint 2010 Branding and User Interface Design, as well as a contributor to the SharePoint Designer 2010 Step by Step. In 2012 and 2013 Heather was a speaker at SharePoint Evolutions Conference in London.
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