Big Data Management

Synteractive provides organizations and trusted communities with breakthrough data collaboration solutions based on the Microsoft Azure DataMarket platform. Move your data to the cloud while enabling simple collaboration through the tools you use every. DataMarket simplifies the process of publishing data and making it available to those who need it, when they need it. The DataMarket platform gives you a vast array of features including search, data visualization, complex analytics, and application development using the tools you already know such as Excel, SharePoint, and Visual Studio.

Advanced Search Technology

Integrated search solutions including Bing and FAST enterprise search provide a flexible range of data discovery solutions. IxReveal makes semantic search possible including dynamic, crowd sourced ontologies for your agency. The search capability learns based on the behavior of users.

Upload from many sources, in different formats, and use it how you need it.

Users can publish datasets to a DataMarket platform through in a range of ways – from uploading an Excel file or directory of images to an active synch with an existing SQL database. By creating a central data store you can collaborate on the data with a vast array of solutions involving search, data visualization, complex analytics, and application development DataMarket uses OData, the standard for open data, which ensures your agency data is consumable on a wide variety of platforms including Windows, PHP, iOS, and more.

Cost savings through smart technology.

Built on the Windows Azure platform, DataMarket takes advantage of the cloud to provide a highly scalable, reliable, and secure environment. It also eliminates the need for expensive upfront infrastructure costs and administrative resources by giving you the flexibility to pay as you go so you only pay for what you need.

Protect your data with granular security controls.

Role-based security at the dataset and data element level and a wide-array of monitoring and alerting tools enable security for even the most sensitive data while meeting FISMA requirements as well as other compliance standards.

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