Open Government and Transparency

With the Presidential Memorandums "Open Government Directive" and "Transparency and Open Government" mandating unprecedented levels of transparency, participation, and collaboration, your agency must now tackle the technological challenges of making data immediately available and increasing citizen engagement and awareness. Synteractive has the expertise and experience to help you implement the right tools to achieve your goals while staying within your budget constraints.

Our Open Government solutions include:

  • Web services to provide real-time access to information through comprehensive, scalable, public-facing platforms, including custom data visualizations and geospatial technologies.
  • Social media integration and mobile device access that provides more convenient and participatory citizen involvement.
  • Data solutions that provide cost-effective ways to organize your "big data" and allow for collaboration around various datasets and customized data mashups.

Web 2.0 to Gov 2.0

Web 2.0 technologies facilitate the social computing model and provide easy ways to connect peers, partners, and citizens. Social tools, such as twitter, Windows Live, and Facebook are already being used in innovative ways by Federal agencies as well as state and local governments.

However, your agency demands a high level of security for your sensitive data and this is often at odds with the open flow of information afforded by Web 2.0. You want to take advantage of the benefits, but mitigate your risks. Therefore, you need a comprehensive enterprise approach to securing your assets that will include, for example:

  • Preventing unauthorized access to personal or sensitive data using identity management tools.
  • Protecting email with encryption and other enhanced security measures.
  • Making sure information stays within national borders.
  • Developing internal security policies that follow compliance guidelines and simplify governance.

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Case Studies

Synteractive has developed a new standard of collaboration and citizen engagement, as exemplified in the following case studies.