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SocialRally - a Synteractive Product. Harnessing the power of people.

You need to create a dialog between you and your customers or constituents. In a time of tightening budgets, social media can be a great facilitator. However, managing a social media plan is anything but straightforward. It can often require a large resource to closely monitor the various social networking sites to keep conversations active and provide effective reputation management. Our proprietary SocialRally platform simplifies crowdsourcing and social engagement for enterprises of all sizes.

Create a forum in minutes to engage with your customers or constituents. With SocialRally, you can:

  • Share ideas through Facebook and Twitter and rank others' ideas
  • Download our mobile app to take it with you
  • Customize the forum to match your existing web site
  • Create your own iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone apps using REST APIs

Case Studies

Our clients are reaping the benfits of crowdourcing as exemplified in the following real-life case studies. Let Synteractive help you create a custom crowd sourcing environment and start the conversation with your partners, clients, or constituents!